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What makes Queenslanders special is their distinctive craftsmanship and charm that originated hundreds of years ago. Giving these homes renewed life by incorporating traditional elements with modern design is no easy feat.

Queensland homes require sensitive handling and respect in design treatment, build, and blending in with the streetscape. Other factors come into play as well including Council regulations for Demolish Control, sites with limited or difficult access areas, existing infrastructures and utilities.

Renovating and extending houses on small lots can be challenging and adherence to Council Small Lot Code is required. Often houses need to be elevated, restumped, and repositioned. If not done right, owners can face costly long-term issues. Heritage considerations may require the use of specific materials to maintain the integrity of the period.

At L.A.K. Constructions, we understand government regulations, and how to ensure that your home complies with these controls. Our commitment to excellence through high quality craftsmanship, means we guarantee you an elegant stylish home restored to its former glory but with today’s functionality too.